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Blueprint Homes is San Diego‘s premiere iBuyer Company. We’re a small, family-oriented business that focuses on helping property owners like you find solutions in real estate. Whether you’re avoiding foreclosure, downsizing, or just need to sell your property quickly, we can help!

Our mission is to make the selling and buying process as streamlined and stress-free as possible. Because we buy most of our properties directly from homeowners, we can offer solutions that the traditional homebuyer cannot. Each of our client’s situations is unique; it’s our obligation to tailor the process to best suit you and your family.

Our team comprises engineers, architects, and contractors that are incredibly passionate about construction and design. We’re all devoted to the process through the initial planning, execution, and completion. We design properties responsibly, with the site and neighborhood in mind. We prioritize maintaining the aesthetic of your community while accommodating the lot appropriately.

We love what we do and are fortunate to be a part of people’s lives, whether selling or buying a house.

Years of
Total Residential Consideration
in Residential Development

We Built Blueprint on Core Values

Our company is more than just real estate.  Blueprint Homes is a people-first business. Our goal is to get to know you and understand the unique situations for why you contacted us. Then, we put our expert team to work to alleviate your stress. We have a win-win obligation to our clients to find the best solutions, even if that means finding solutions outside our company. If at any point we think that we aren’t the best or only option, we will let you know. Transparency is guaranteed with our clients, even when there is nothing in it for us. These core values are exactly why our clients stay in regular contact well after working with us.

Do the right thing while providing clients with absolute professionalism, transparency, honesty, and integrity
Exceed expectations; we earn our reputation every day.
Staying connected. We strive to stay connected with our clients well after work is complete.
Never stop learning and evolving.
We are building a world-class company with San Diego roots giving back to our communities.

Our Approach to Homeowner Relationships

We help people through challenging and trying circumstances. Many people have told us at the closing table that they did not know what to do until they talked to us. It makes us feel good to help people by stopping the stress and getting a new start.

If you have any questions about how we work, the process of selling a house, or avoiding foreclosure, reach out! We love talking about what we do best.

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