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We Pay Commission To Realtors On Every Home We Purchase

Earn 3X Your Commission With Us

How Blueprint Works with Agents

When you have a client with a distressed property, there is no better option than going with Blueprint. Come to us with your pocket listing to get a cash offer directly, and avoid all of the costs associated with putting the property on the market.

The Problem:

The homeowner can’t afford to do the necessary repairs, their lifestyle makes it challenging to show the property on the market, they need to sell their home fast, or the property has a title or legal issue.

The Blueprint Solution:

Our business model allows homeowners to sell their homes in any condition for cash, with the bonus of a large deposit. After our upfront inspection, we will never ask for any repairs, warranties, or credits. Also, we can handle most legal and title issues on the homeowner’s behalf. Clients who need to close fast can do so in 10 days or less. If anything changes, we allow the seller to extend the escrow period. That way, they have the flexibility to find their next home or process a 1031x.

The Result:

The homeowner is satisfied with a quick solution to their real estate situation, and you can represent us on the purchase earning you a double commission! In most cases, agents are eligible to represent us on our re-sale of the home down the line, earning you a final triple commission on one property.

The Blueprint Homes Commission Model

The Blueprint Homes Commission Model

The Blueprint Homes Agent Network

Turn challenging properties into opportunities! We’re ready to take on distressed homes that are hard to sell, homes with difficult locations or conditions, and clients that need to sell their homes quickly. Selling a property to us means instant commission for you. We often source homes ourselves and will contact you if we need a listing agent. Many of our agents can earn up to four times the original amount of commission on the same property.

We Foster Relationships With Agents Around San Diego

"Blueprint Homes brings superior design, creative ideas, outstanding project management, and fantastic customer service."

"Building a home is no easy job, and finding the right building partner creates a good experience, cost-effectiveness, and the best use of everyone’s time and decision making. Blueprint Homes brings superior design, creative ideas, outstanding project management, and fantastic customer service. As a leading real estate professional in the Truckee/Tahoe market, these builders are my go-to building professionals, and we are placing 3-7 homes a year for both custom placement and pre-selling “spec homes.” Thank you, Blueprint Homes, for doing such an exceptional job and being the integrous builders you are! I look forward to continuing our relationship."


"…professionalism, communication, and expertise of Chris and his team are immensely unparalleled."

"I have had the pleasure of working with Blueprint Homes for about 2 years now. The professionalism, communication, and expertise of Chris and his team are immensely unparalleled to any other group I have worked with. I would highly recommend Blueprint Homes, as they are very detail-oriented in their acquisitions and renovations. I look forward to many more transactions with you guys!"


"…integrity and hard work."

"I’ve worked with this group for a couple of years now. I cannot say enough about the integrity and hard work they put into every project."


"Blueprint Homes is great to work with. These guys are top-notch!!"


"Chris and Matt have been awesome to work with, it’s always great as an agent to work with knowledgeable people!"


"The crew at Blueprint have a work ethic like no other! I have worked with Chris multiple times and he is very thorough, to the point, honest and above all else he really enjoys what he does. Looking forward to working with them again and again!!!"


"I would highly recommend working with Blueprint Homes for a fast and seem less experience selling a property. They are professional and very communicative when explaining how the process works and extremely flexible with time constraints. Give them a call if your in need of their services!"


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