Triple-Ended Deals: Why Agents Should Work With Us

Listing a property that isn’t quite ready to sell can be frustrating. Maybe your seller isn’t interested in doing many showings or hasn’t made arrangements for new housing yet. Many things can make the sale a bit more complex. As a real estate agent, you face complicated listings that can feel overwhelming, especially when your job is to make things easy for your client. 

Perhaps you’re working with a client who is selling a distressed home, but the listing isn’t generating offers because it requires some major repairs. Letting the home sit on the market for a lower price or asking your sellers to make expensive improvements aren’t your only options. Another alternative is available, which allows you to meet your seller’s needs and walk away happy. It’s called a triple-ended deal, and it’s a win-win option for both you and your seller. 

Curious about triple-ended deals? Here are a few reasons you should consider working with Blueprint Homes on your next listing:

You Want to Make Your Sellers Happy

Working with Blueprint Homes on triple-ended real estate deals is the ideal solution for sellers who have distressed homes or do not want to take the traditional selling route. Consider sellers who value privacy and are wary of open-houses. When working with Blueprint Homes, sellers do not have to list their property online, which means the listing won’t be public knowledge. Making a deal for the initial seller is just the beginning of a triple-ended deal but before we dive into our commission model, let’s review why agents choose Blueprint homes as their cash buyer.

Fair cash offers

It can be tricky to find the right buyers. Many prospective buyers come with an offer in mind, and it’s hard to negotiate any higher than that amount. Especially when listing a home that is in less than ideal condition. Blueprint Homes will present a fair cash offer to your client for their home as-is. Our business model helps take the pressure off of you, as the listing agent and makes the sale process easy on the homeowners.

No repair costs

Most homes need a little TLC before they can go on the market for a high listing price. Whether it’s new flooring, fresh paint, updated lighting, or even a new roof, most buyers don’t want to purchase a fixer-upper. If your seller can’t afford to fix the things in their home that will help get higher offers, a triple-ended deal is a perfect solution for agents. Blueprint Homes will buy the property after an initial inspection and handle all necessary repairs. 

Flexible escrow period

If your seller needs extra time to find a new home, Blueprint Homes can extend the escrow period to accommodate. Our closing timeline is flexible, so clients can move at their own pace. For those eager sellers who are ready-to-go, we can close in 10 days or less! Plus, we can handle most legal and title issues on the homeowner’s behalf to quickly write up a buyer and seller closing contract. A flexible escrow period makes the sale quick and straightforward and benefits clients who need time to find their next home. 

You Want to Get the Most Out of Your Sale

Working with Blueprint Homes is greatly beneficial to real estate agents. Why? Blueprint believes an agent is entitled to get as much satisfaction from a sale as their seller. That’s why we give agents the opportunity to turn a distressed home into a triple-ended deal. Our commission model works so agents earn three-times the commission on their initial listing. Let’s review how it works:

Earn triple commission

When your client sells their home to Blueprint, we’ll pay you a commission. But, what’s more, is that you’ll also represent Blueprint on the purchase! Then, following the initial sale, the Blueprint team will renovate the property, handling any repairs and home improvements needed to increase the home’s value. Our proven expertise allows us to quickly turn a distressed property into a home we can re-sell for a profit. So, once the property is ready for the market, you’ll represent us once again. That’s what we call a triple-ended deal.

Represent us on future listings

At Blueprint, we often source homes ourselves. However, once it’s time to re-sell we choose from a pool of experienced and familiar agents to take our final listings. When you make a sale with us, you become a part of that network of agents and open the door to future sales. 

Time for other sales

It’s not uncommon for a listing agent like yourself to spend months trying to sell a distressed property. Whether your client is avoiding foreclosure or downsizing, they want to get the most out of the sale. Unfortunately, getting their home to selling condition can take significant time and energy. When your client sells to Blueprint, it gives you time to focus on other lucrative sales opportunities you may have otherwise passed on. 

When to Bring Us Your Listing

Bring us your deals before posting on a multiple listing service (MLS). That means, sending us your pre-listings for offers. We recommend sending us your listening when you identify that:

  • Your listing needs significant repairs.
  • Your client is facing foreclosure.
  • Your client has specific privacy concerns.
  • The property has a legal or title issue.
  • Your client needs to sell fast.
  • The client’s lifestyle makes it difficult to show the property on market.

Sending us your listing before posting it on an MLS will guarantee that you and your client understand every selling opportunity. If we make you an offer, that does not mean you must commit. So when you come across challenging properties, contact Blueprint first.

Why Choose Blueprint?

A triple-ended deal is an opportunity to turn challenging listings around in a way that benefits you and your client. But, choosing to work with Blueprint Homes will provide more than just that. Blueprint will perform for your clients. We will follow through on our deal, dates, and commitments. Also, we go above and beyond for clients that need help moving, buying their next property, or are doing a 1031 exchange. Top-of-the-line service is our philosophy, and we always deliver. 

 As an agent, there’s no better way to sell your pocket listings than Blueprint Homes. 
To learn more about Blueprint Homes and our triple-ended sale process, visit our website and speak to our team.

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