Why Real Estate Agents Are Working With iBuyer Companies

The housing market in San Diego is booming and shows no signs of slowing down. With that in mind, the field of real estate sales has become even more competitive. Real estate agents are looking for ways to stay competitive and on the cutting edge of today’s market. 

One option for real estate agents is working with an iBuyer. Many agents viewed iBuyers as competition in the past, but it’s clear that there is the potential for an extremely lucrative relationship between the two parties. 

Let’s look at what iBuyer companies are, explain how real estate agents can work with iBuyers and a few of the many advantages of this mutually beneficial relationship. 

What are iBuyer Companies?

Before we talk about why real estate agents are working with iBuyer companies, we first have to understand what iBuyers are. 

iBuyers, or instant buyers, are buyers who purchase properties fast for cash. Often, they buy properties sight unseen and offer sellers a fast, easy, and straightforward instant cash offer. Some benefits for sellers of working with an iBuyer company include:

  • Fast offers
  • Convenient offers
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • No contingencies
  • All cash offers
  • Trade-in options

While iBuyer companies previously only represented a small sliver of the real estate market, they are quickly growing in popularity because of these enhanced benefits. 

In addition to the many benefits of selling to an iBuyer company, iBuyer companies also offer benefits to real estate agents. Let’s look at how the two can work together. 

Happy real estate agents learning the benefits of working with ibuyer companies.

Benefits of Working with an iBuyer Company for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, there are many benefits of working with an iBuyer company. Here are just a few:

Serve More Clients

Because iBuyers buy homes directly from owners and offer fast, all-cash offers, real estate agents in this partnership can serve more clients because they will turn their listings quicker and with less work. Traditional listings on multiple listing services can take months to sell, but iBuyer companies, like Blueprint Homes, can make an offer in a matter of days.

Represent More Listings

In addition to serving more clients, real estate agents in the Blueprint or other iBuyer network can represent more listings. As a solo agent, you would never take on an unsellable property, either due to necessary repairs, underwater mortgage payments, or that isn’t qualified for conventional financing. These properties are a headache for agents!

But when working with an iBuyer network, you can feel confident knowing that even the most distressed properties will receive an offer. Without this support, your options for listings are limited. With our help, though, you can represent more diverse listings, therefore increasing your portfolio. 

In addition, after the houses are rehabbed, you as an agent have access to the fully renovated properties before they even hit the market. This gives you a leg up for your client because you can put offers in before the listing hits the market. 

Have Happy Clients

We go above and beyond for your client and make selling their property as easy as possible. We offer zero repair or closing costs, meaning that both the agent (you) and the client leave the deal happy because you save the client 5-9% overall!

Control the Timeline

While we specialize in selling properties fast, we are happy to work on your timeline. We can close in under ten days, offer flexible escrow periods, and can structure a rent back agreement to allow you and your client the time you need. 

Earn Up to Triple the Agent Commission

What if we told you that you could make triple the agent commission on a single listing? Our triple-ended deals put more money in your pocket and allow you to represent the initial seller, the buyer (us), and the resale of the property once renovations are completed. 

Here is how our triple-ended deals work for pre-listing properties:

  1. First, you have a pre-listing and represent your client when they sell their property to us. You receive a commission on this sale. 
  2. Next, you represent us as the buyer on the property, instantly doubling the commission. 
  3. Lastly, you represent us when we resell the fully renovated property. Once the property is ready for market, you handle the listing and earn your third commission. 

Our triple-ended commission model allows you to earn more agent commission and earn it quickly. In addition to benefiting from this triple-ended deal, we always use agents in our network to list our homes. Because we don’t list properties ourselves, you’ll be on speed dial for our future listings. 

Get a Pre-Listing Offer

Another benefit of working with an iBuyer company like Blueprint is that you receive an instant offer before listing your property on the MLS. You send us pre-listings and we make an offer without all the hassle of listing the property, taking photos, creating the listing, and more headaches. Get an offer fast and sidestep multiple listing services. 

Build a Network

Lastly, once you are in the Blueprint network, you are in it for good. This is a benefit because when we have a property to list, we always turn to our network of real estate agents. Whether you have been an agent for years or are just starting to build your portfolio, you’re the first one we call when we have a property ready to sell. 

Working with Blueprint Homes

As you can see, there are many benefits of working with an iBuyer company as a real estate agent. Agents that work with Blueprint Homes enjoy higher commissions, represent more listings, receive fast and easy offers, and enter into our ever-growing network of agents. Represent your client, represent us, and represent our renovated properties: everyone wins. 

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